Where can you Go Axe throwing with Escort Frankfurt?

If you are traveling to Frankfurt, you cannot miss out on going for Axe throwing. You can have all the fun in the indoor hall and get a new experience. Is it another rainy afternoon and you don’t know what to do? Rage Axe which is located near Frankfurt am Main offers a thrilling experience for you and your family. A spacious indoor hall gives pure action to your friends and loved ones. Ax throwing is a new leisure and sports activity that is getting popular among many travelers. You will be happy to know that this activity is suitable for both men and women of all ages.

What to expect?

The duration of axe throwing activity will be one hour. You will have to purchase one ticket and let the fun begin. Why not learn and throw the ax and knife with reliable professionals? There are several other games available to get compete against each other. With the best instructions from the experts, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest and learn new skills. 

They will teach you different techniques for axe throwing. These axes usually weigh around 400 grams and can go up to 1.5 kg. All the 14 different tracks are separated from each other with the help of a steel grind. It offers maximum safety for all the players. Rage Axe is located in Weiterstadt, Germany while the entrance is right next to Brunnenweg 15 on the main street. All the parking spaces are right outside the door and you can go inside conveniently. 

Indoor activities for children

If you are traveling to Germany with your kids, why not give them some entertainment? Children always like to try out new and challenging activities. Rage Axe is a blessing for one and all as they offer plenty of activities for children. They can try out axe throwing and improve their coordination skills. It helps them improve their ability to concentrate quite easily. If you haven’t tried axe throwing or archery, you are missing out on a lot of fun and entertainment. You can either get to train alone and improve your skills as well. Your children will be in safe hands as the experts are right by their side.

Action Trip for the whole family

If you book the activity of Axe throwing it will be an action trip for the whole family. All you need is to purchase your tickets and let the fun begin. There are plenty of packages available that you can choose from. The list includes 60, 90, and 120 minutes of axe throwing. Make sure that you keep the timing in mind and don’t miss out on this activity. 

Why not escape the stress of the city and get the experience of throwing axes at the wooden targets? You can enjoy a drink with your friends and explore each other’s skills at axe throwing. It doesn’t matter if you are trying it for the first time as the professional will teach you perfectly.

Go Axe Throwing with an Escort Companion?

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