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Hey guys, it’s Tina again. I am a full time escort now and it was my first sex experience but I was a Virgin school girl student. I will share with you my first sexual incident at school. I was 18 and had never watched porn like I said in my previous story.

I studied in an all-girls school until the eleventh grade. I had to change school as my father had to migrate to another place as my father was transferred to another department in Frankfurt. Since I studied in an all-girls school and was a nerd in my school, I had no knowledge of sex or porn. My nerd friends never talked about boys. But when I see kissing and cuddling scenes on TV, I get wet.

At the new school in Frankfurt, I made new friends. My class had 22 girls and 18 boys. The boys in my class looked like they were twenty years old, with moustaches and beards. My classroom had two rows of chairs and desks. Each chair and desk can accommodate 3 students. There is space in the middle of the two rows for teachers to walk.

Now about our uniforms. It is dark blue pants and white shirt for boys. For girls, it was a white shirt and a dark blue skirt.

I have two best friends – Jack and Henry. Henry has been my friend since the first day of school in Frankfurt. Jack became our friend a few months later. We 3 got to know each other well. But Jack was a naughty boy. I didn’t even know it when he would accidentally touch my boobs sometimes.

At school, we were sitting in a place behind the library where there was a big fallen tree. We would sit on it and talk. When there were exams, we studied there. This was like our favourite place in school Frankfurt. Usually, no one comes there because it is a little far from the school premises.

One day, during his lunch break, Jack said, “Wonderful! What a pair of big tits you have.” When he said this, he just touched my boobs! I didn’t react as I thought this was normal.

“Yes!” “You’re right, they are bigger than anyone in our class,” Henry joined in and squeezed my chest. I felt a bit of a tickle and stopped them.

Next, Jack asked me to show one of my boobs. I said I wouldn’t do it, but they were convinced no one would know about it. After much begging, I agreed. I asked them to make sure no one came. I unbuttoned my shirt and took my left boob out of my bra. Jack tried to touch it  but I suddenly put my bra and buttons back on and said, “That’s enough. Someone might see this.”

Jack had other plans with me in frankfurt. He suddenly wanted to play truth or dare. I said the truth”. he questioned. “Just what is your cup size?” “34 D,” I said with a sheepish face. 

Then they asked me again: “Truth or dare?” I said “I dare” because they would ask dirty questions otherwise. But Jack asked me to go to the toilet and remove my bra and come out in a uniform model without a bra. That was stupid, and I should have chosen “the truth.” I didn’t want to, but they convinced me that no one would be able to tell that I wasn’t wearing a bra. Anyway, it was a bit of a dare, so I went to the toilet.

I took off my bra and went back to them. They checked if I had done this by pressing my boobs. They were very happy. I hid my bra inside my panties. Jack asked me to give him my bra. After making sure no one was watching me, I took it out and gave it to him. And put it inside his pocket. Then the bell rang and the three of us went to class in Frankfurt.

We took our notebooks and started writing. After some time, Jack moved his left hand under the desk and placed it on my chest. I said: What are you doing?! Someone might see.” “Don’t worry about anything,” he whispered, “Henry has us covered.”

Meanwhile, Jack was pressing my chest. He pressed my boobs for some time. I was so nervous and excited but I was feeling like a model at the same time. Then my friend put his hands inside my shirt by removing one of the buttons. He grabbed my left boob and played with it. I was so nervous when he removed the button. I leaned my head against the desk like a Callgirl a little more. He had no tension at all. I continued writing notes.

I lied to the desk by biting my lip. I probably would have complained if he hadn’t stopped at that moment. He took his hand away and, to my surprise, unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was black, large, and had a wet red tip. He asked me to lick him. I opposed it. But he said he would tell the whole class that I didn’t wear a bra that day.

Then my friend held my head with his right hand and his penis with his left hand. He pointed to my lips. I wiped it. It had a strange taste but not too bad. I licked it again in Frankfurt.

He pushed my head down and now his dick was inside my mouth. I wondered what he was doing. He bobbed my head up and down for a while. He whispered and told me to continue like this. He stopped thrusting but I continued to move up and down. He covered me with his open book placed vertically.

I think he liked what I was doing. He started playing with my cheeks. He grabbed them and squeezed them. After some time, he whispered to me that he was going to cum and I should drink all the cum. I didn’t know what he meant until he shot his juices into my mouth like an escort. His Dick was throbbing like a vein at that time. The cum tasted a bit different, weird and sticky. But I tried and swallowed it.

He started licking my pussy like a model. I bit my lip and lay down to avoid any groans. It felt good when he sucked on my clit and I felt like an escort girl. This was a very sensitive part and I started to feel pleasure.

He had been putting his tongue on my vaginal hole and I felt so good and I felt like an escort model. He was licking my pussy’s juices. I don’t know exactly how long he was doing this but after some time, I started trembling and reached my climax. I had an orgasm that I will never forget and it was amazing. I stayed on the bench and lied till it ended.

He came after taking all my juices. I slowly tried to put my panties back on. He asked me: “How did it feel?” I was unable to speak. I just smiled at him with a surprised expression on my face like a Callgirl. Smile again.